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Care and Connect through Rhythm with Boomwhackers

Published: May 13, 2017

Becky Watson, MBA, Board Certified Music Therapist during the Culpeper Dementia/Alzheimer’s Care Conference. Thank you Alzheimer’s Association Central and Western Virginia for allowing me to close the wonderful education conference by facilitating “Care and Connect through Rhythm with older adults with dementia with Boomwhackers” presentation for 125 care partners, health care professionals, friends and families. […]


Tapping UP Wellness with Clave’s

Published: April 23, 2015

It’s spring and the trees are in full bloom … here’s a intervention ideas for claves that enrich the Mind, Body and Spirit through MUSIC!  This Health beat video illustrates creative ways to use Claves with older adults living with dementia and Intergenerational programs. The clave, a percussion instrument, a pair of cylindrical hardwood sticks […]

  • 1.  Loved it, Would like to know more about the studies.  – Kate Rowe (LCSW) 2.  This was fun!  – Cathy Pitts 3.  This was so much fun and relaxing.  Would love to do this again.  – Cynthia Barrett 4.  Very good and fun presentation.  Great Job!!  –  Anne Nicholson 5.  Awesome!  Thanks for caring…this was exactly what we needed!  – Capt Anita Yates
    Langley Air Force Base Behavioral Health Flight