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Enrich Health and Wellness through Music with Boomwhackers


Becky Watson, MBA, Board Certified Music Therapist during the monthly Community Café event, St. Martin’s Episcopal Church, Williamsburg, VA


Thank you Martha Caruso and Diane Hartley PAA for allowing me to bring an interactive wellness program with boomwhackers to enhance healthy living.   This purpose of this interactive presentation was to demonstrate how to keep our bodies healthy through rhythm.   

The presentation began with an Engaging opening demonstration of playing boomwhackers, emphasizing starting, stopping, going faster, slower, louder and softer by visual cuing.

Then the word “P-E-A-C-E” was spelled in a column and invited participants to contribute to words that contributed to brain health.


P = Physically Present and Purposeful

E = Exercise

A = Activates entire brain, Visual, Auditory, Touch, See, Smell, Emotion

C = Community

E = Emotion and Engagement


Then each color played their rhythm together as a group, sharing their individual sound, starting and stopping together.  The attendees were invited to build community/bonding by playing music together to create a beautiful rhythmic tune … it was so rhythmic that I accompanied them with my pocket flute and danced around the room. Such an empowering moment for everyone!!

Then we moved our bodies and boomwhackers to the “Macarena Christmas” tapping our boomwhackers high, low, on the table, floor, chair, together with partners and a large group wave to a climatic ending.  


Becky Watson, MBA, Board Certified Music Therapist is the Founder and Owner, Music for Wellness from Norfolk, VA. She is one of the rare women and former Navy Captain who served our country for over 25 years in operational logistics.

After her Navy retirement, she completed multiple training programs in facilitation of drumming, rhythm, keyboard, and a degree in Music Therapy plus a 6 month music therapy internship at Eastern State Hospital in Williamsburg, VA.  Becky creates rhythm based programs and music therapy services to enhance the quality of life in supporting the health and well-being of older adults living with dementia, care partners and health care professionals in the Geriatric Industry.  Becky is also a certified Teepa Snow Positive Approach to Care (PAC) trainer/coach and provides dementia awareness workshops to care partners and dementia health care professionals.  She also conducts inter-generational music therapy programs to bridge the generations of preschoolers and individuals living with dementia.



http://Music4Wellness.net Music for YOUR Wellness, Music for Wellness, LLC, 757-563-3488


email:  info@music4wellness.net


For more information on Music Therapy, check out our YouTube Channel at http://www.youtube.com/MusicForYourWellness

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