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Highlights of a Remo Drum Table Session facilitated by Becky Watson, Music for Wellness, LLC


Pictures from a Remo Drum Table session with  Innovative Senior Champion Program at New Zion Baptist Church in Wlliamsburg, VA.  This program is managed by Colonial Heritiage Community Foundation (http://www.colonialheritagecommunityfoundation.org/) and funded by donations from Langley and other donors.

drum table 30 becky watson joan nzbc


drum table mallets nzbc


drum table mallets becky watson nzbc

On September 9, 2014, we experienced rainy, soaking and soggy weather… we conducted a Remo Health Rhythms group empowerment drum session with the Innovative Senior Champion Program at New Zion Baptist Church in Wlliamsburg, VA. After the opening wellness exercise, we matched our mood and played a wide selection of percussion instruments. The seniors had an energetic beat while the volunteers and coordinators mood was more solemn and subdued!

We quickly transitioned into making our own rain storm with the rain stick, ocean drum, wooden frog, versa drums, cabasa, Native American Flute and thunder tube. Our rainstorm experienced some chaotic and hectic moments.

Then we moved to playing the 30 in Remo Drum Table … the seniors remained sitting while exploring with their fingers, hands and mallets. The steady tempo contributed to a several songs including “Battle Hymn of Republic, When the Saints, Swing Low, Sweet Chariot.” The seniors and volunteered drummed over 60 minutes and energized everyone! Reflective comments from the group included: “WOW, beautiful, Love, Marvelous, Energized, Ecstatic,and Wonderful!”

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  • 1.  Loved it, Would like to know more about the studies.  – Kate Rowe (LCSW) 2.  This was fun!  – Cathy Pitts 3.  This was so much fun and relaxing.  Would love to do this again.  – Cynthia Barrett 4.  Very good and fun presentation.  Great Job!!  –  Anne Nicholson 5.  Awesome!  Thanks for caring…this was exactly what we needed!  – Capt Anita Yates
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