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Music Ministry

Becky Plays OrganBecky Watson, MBA, is an accomplished and diversified musician in the Hampton Roads area. She serves as Catholic Church Music Ministry Substitute Director in the Hampton Roads area, including Christ the King and Holy Trinity Catholic Church. She plays organ and piano utilizing traditional and contemporary styles of music, leads and conducts the choir, and trains and accompanies cantors. An active practicing Catholic, she shares her passion of music to enrich the experience and provides parish community outreach to the Knights of Columbus, Women’s Club, Youth Group, and Children’s Mass. She is also the Founder and Owner of Music for Wellness, a company that provides programs and services for enriching mind, body, and spirit through music. As one of the rare women to become a former Navy Captain, Becky has always been passionate about supporting the health and healing of veterans and people who are community heroes.

Raised on a farm in Kansas, she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Economics at Bethany College and an MBA from Troy State in Norfolk, VA. During Becky’s 25 year Navy career, she lead, mentored, and coached hundreds of sailors, civilians and contractors while managing millions of dollars and providing operational logistics. Pertinent to Music Wellness, Becky formally ran also ran several 24 hour fitness centers due to her commitment to health. Becky is also a certified AquaFitness instructor through Aerobics and Fitness Association of America.

After serving her country, she chose to continue serving The Lord and others with her passion of music. She completed multiple college education and music instruction in piano and guitar performance, training programs in facilitation of drumming, keyboard, and a degree in Music Therapy plus an internship at Eastern State Hospital in Williamsburg, VA. Becky now serves as a Substitute Catholic Music Minister in the local Hampton Roads area and shares her passion of music with the Lord and her home parish, Christ the King Catholic Church in Norfolk, VA.


  • Horses Helping Heroes “Thank you for your very thorough report. I can say, as not only the Program Director but also a Board member, that I am impressed with how well you grasped the workings of our program with just your short exposure to this wonderful service to our veterans.” Horses-Helping-Heros
    Horses Helping Heroes