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Music Wellness Videos

An interactive approach Research Advances and clinical applications of Music Therapy and MUSIC & MEMORY℠ for older adults living with dementia.

Clinical applications of Music Therapy and MUSIC & MEMORY℠ for older adults living with dementia presentation during 2017 Southern Gerontological Society Annual Meeting.

Becky Watson Navy Retirement Song – August 8, 2013

Click to view Becky’s Song Performed during her Retirement Ceremony


Ankle Bells for Wellness – LIVE from the 2014 Colonial Heritage Community Foundation Golf Classic in Williamsburg, VA and showcases how I use Ankle Bells for my active older adults and veteran clients!

This annual charity golf tournament benefits the Innovative Senior Champions Program which provides respite services for the family caregiver and the senior family members. I’m honored to be the Music Therapy service provider for this wonderful organization. I utilize an evidenced based program with research demonstrating that one hour of group empowerment drumming boosted immune system, increased mood, decreased stress and anxiety, and bonding (Remo HealthRHYTHMS). More information may found at: www.remo.com/health

The Colonial Heritage Community Foundation, Inc. (CHCF) is dedicated to establishing expanded caregiver support programs; a successful caregiver education series; an adult day care center, respite services and resources for caregivers of senior family members needing assistance and training for caregivers in the Greater Williamsburg Area. http://www.colonialheritagecommunityfoundation.org/

The ankle bells showcased in this video may be purchased through www.X8drums.com.. _________________________________________________________________________

Highlights from Jim Palmer’s Dream Business Academy in Philadelphia, PA

This video is live from the 30th Street Train Station in Philadelphia! Rod and I have already taken massive action on our commute home from attended Jim Palmer’s Dream Business Academy – Philadelphia, PA! We have implemented and applied what we have learned upon our return home. Thanks Jim Palmer for an outstanding training event! _________________________________________________________________________

CHIMING Up Weillness with Suzuki Tone Chimes

We are CHIMING Up Wellness in this episode of the Health Beat Video with Suzuki Tone Chimes. We are in the beautiful and Historic Chamberlin Senior Living Waterfront Luxury Independent

Living Community on Fort Monroe, in Hampton, VA.

The Chamberlin was formerly the Chamberlin Hotel and has been reborn with magnificent senior living apartments and two waterfront restaurants. http://www.historicchamberlin.com/


Live from the Portsmouth Senior Health and Education Fair

This Health Beat Video is live at the Senior Health and Education Fair in Portsmouth, VA. Music for Wellness was a vendor and demonstrated the 30 inch REMO Not So Loud Drum Table, REMO Versa Nesting Drums, various percussive instruments, Piano for Wellness and Strumming Up Health Programs. Our booth had numerous return visitors checking out and playing the drums and percussive instruments.



Seashell Castanet for Wellness

This Health Beat Video demonstrates how I use the Seashell Castanets for Wellness with active older adults and veterans on the beautiful Ocean View Beach in Norfolk, VA. I’m using a Seashell Castanets purchased through Kindermusik. I also sing a song called “I Got the Seashell Blues” and demonstrate how to move in rhythm to the song with the castanets.

You make your own pair of clam shell castanets by carving two pieces of wood into the shapes of clam shells and tied together with cotton strings. These instruments are held in the hands and played by Flamenco dancers to add more rhythm to the music. Read more : http://www.ehow.com/how_8544269_make-castanets-seashells.html

http://Music4Wellness.net Music for Wellness, Music for Wellness, LLC, 757-563-3488

For more information on Music Therapy, check out our YouTube Channel at http://www.youtube.com/MusicForYourWellness


Ocean Drum for Wellness

This Health Beat Video demonstrates how I use the Ocean Drum for Wellness with active older adults and veterans on the beautiful Ocean View Beach in Norfolk, VA. I’m using a fish/aquarium print 16 inch Ocean Drum … it is also available as a 12 inch or 22 inch is made by Remo.


 Click to view My V-WISE (Veteran Women Inspiring Spirit of Entrepreneurship) Experience.


Click to view My Father’s Day Tribute, “Faith of our Fathers”

This video is a Father’s Day Tribute in Memory of my Father, a hard working farmer who loved to dance. My Father taught me high morale values and the importance of having faith. In memory of my dad, here’s a special Father’s Day song, “Faith of our Fathers” on the clarinet, one of his favorite instruments and song.

Click to view Shake N Up Wellness, with the Shaker Blox by Interactive Rhythm


Beating Out Cancer through Drumming at DrumSTRONG Event

Tribute to Mothers, Becky Watson shares inspiration from her Mother for Music


Arts Advocacy Capitol Hill Day, Washington DC

Las Vegas Dream Business Academy Native American Flute

HealthRHYTHMS Overview

For information, visit the Remo website


Warriors in Pink Buffalo Drum

Inspirational Rhythm inspired by Christine Stevens’ “The Healing Drum Kit

  • Horses Helping Heroes “Thank you for your very thorough report. I can say, as not only the Program Director but also a Board member, that I am impressed with how well you grasped the workings of our program with just your short exposure to this wonderful service to our veterans.” Horses-Helping-Heros
    Horses Helping Heroes