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Piano Instruction

Piano Instruction by Becky Watson


Becky Watson offers 30 minute private piano lessons to students of all ages in the Norfolk, VA. Lessons are specifically designed for the learning style of each student. Students learn to read and write music, perform in various styles, and compose. Students receive an excellent background in music theory in a fun, relaxed way that will prepare the students for college music theory, if desired. If you are interested in lessons, please contact Becky:  becky@music4wellness.net or call: (757) 563-3488.


About Becky

Becky Watson is a graduate of the Loyola University of New Orleans with a Bachelor of Arts in Music Therapy.  She has many years experience as a private piano lessons and music therapy. Mrs. Watson has worked with students of all achievement levels and learning styles including the intellectually gifted and talented. She has taught children of all social and ethnic backgrounds. Her experience in the field of music education and piano pedagogy has led to her distinctive curriculum, which recognizes that all children deserve an individualized approach to piano instruction.

  • 1.  Loved it, Would like to know more about the studies.  – Kate Rowe (LCSW) 2.  This was fun!  – Cathy Pitts 3.  This was so much fun and relaxing.  Would love to do this again.  – Cynthia Barrett 4.  Very good and fun presentation.  Great Job!!  –  Anne Nicholson 5.  Awesome!  Thanks for caring…this was exactly what we needed!  – Capt Anita Yates
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