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Reflections from Mid Atlantic Music Therapy Conference, Rochester, NY, March 15-18, 2017


Reflections from Mid Atlantic Music Therapy Conference, Rochester, NY, March 15-18, 2017
The Northeaster storm “STELLA” that covered the northeast with over 26 inches of snow didn’t affect the 500 music therapists that attended Mid-Atlantic Region Music Therapy Conference held at Rochester Convention Center, in Rochester NY March 15-18, 2017.


Somehow I Made it to Mid Atlantic Music Therapy conference at Rochester NY attending Improvisation CMTE. BrrrrRrrr —

CMTE: “Clinical Improvisation: A Developmental Approach to Teaching and Learning”

It was an honor to attend at Continuing Education Course by Dr. Suzanne Sorel, LCAT, MT-BC, called “Clinical Improvisation: A Developmental Approach to Teaching and Learning.”  We learned the importance of listening, keeping time for space and silence, and the power of chord inversions while improvising.



Later that afternoon, a “Music Therapy Mentoring in Research and Networking” session was conducted by the Music Therapy Association to encourage mentoring opportunities, collaboration and encouragement in the Music Therapy research in Dementia, Autism and Trauma/Traumatic Brain Injury.



March 17 at 9:47am · Rochester, NY · Presentation:  “Riches in the Niches.”

Happy St Patrick’s Day! Shared how to “Bring in the Green” by establishing yourself as the expert as a music therapist following the great book “riches in niches” by Susan Friedmann. @music4well












It’s Friday and St Patrick’s Day from. Rochester,NY !!! Getting ready to give an inter-generational interactive music therapy presentation st the Mid-Atlantic region Music Therapy Conference.



March 17 at 8:52pm · Rochester, NY ·

DRUM CIRCLE … Please and Come on in.., join us in the front!! Awesome drum facilitator Nellie Hill showing us the way!!























Saturday:  March 18, 2017:  Good morning Rochester, NY!!! 3rd and final presentation at the Mid-Atlantic Region Music Therapy Conference. Sharing Easy, Energizing, Empowering interventions to do with Baby Boomers.






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  • 1.  Loved it, Would like to know more about the studies.  – Kate Rowe (LCSW) 2.  This was fun!  – Cathy Pitts 3.  This was so much fun and relaxing.  Would love to do this again.  – Cynthia Barrett 4.  Very good and fun presentation.  Great Job!!  –  Anne Nicholson 5.  Awesome!  Thanks for caring…this was exactly what we needed!  – Capt Anita Yates
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