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Highlights of a Remo Drum Table Session facilitated by Becky Watson, Music for Wellness, LLC

Published: September 26, 2014

Pictures from a Remo Drum Table session with  Innovative Senior Champion Program at New Zion Baptist Church in Wlliamsburg, VA.  This program is managed by Colonial Heritiage Community Foundation (http://www.colonialheritagecommunityfoundation.org/) and funded by donations from Langley and other donors.     On September 9, 2014, we experienced rainy, soaking and soggy weather… we conducted a […]


Ankle Bells for Wellness, Becky Watson, Music for Wellness, LLC

Published: September 13, 2014

This episode of the Health Beat Video is LIVE from the 2014 Colonial Heritage Community Foundation Golf Classic in Williamsburg, VA and showcases how I use Ankle Bells for my active older adults and veteran clients! This annual charity golf tournament benefits the Innovative Senior Champions Program which provides respite services for the family caregiver […]

  • Horses Helping Heroes “Thank you for your very thorough report. I can say, as not only the Program Director but also a Board member, that I am impressed with how well you grasped the workings of our program with just your short exposure to this wonderful service to our veterans.” Horses-Helping-Heros
    Horses Helping Heroes